Pune Architectural History Archive

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Pune Architectural History Archive - PAHA is an initiative dedicated to documenting and promoting Pune's architectural heritage, focusing on the twentieth-century architecture from 1920 to 1990. Our mission is to digitize and share previously undisclosed archival materials that record Pune's architectural histories. These endangered materials are sourced from various stakeholders, including building patrons, architects, engineers, and contractors.



  • Document Pune's modern architectural heritage both by assembling and digitising physical source materials and by collecting memories
  • Engage diverse audiences in understanding Pune's architectural histories.
  • Increase visibility and awareness of twentieth-century changes in Pune’s built environment.

Initiated by Dr. Maya Dodd (FLAME University), Dr. Sarah Melsens (CNRS and FLAME University) and Dr. Pushkar Sohoni (IISER, Pune)

Supported by FLAME University

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